Service Policy

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Effingham Community Library is to provide materials to patrons in the community for educational and recreational purposes.

Effingham Community Mission Statement:

The Effingham Community Library strives to provide quality materials to the patrons of the community and to meet the educational and recreational needs of the library and the community.

In pursuing our mission, the Effingham Community LibraryServes as a reference and information center

Provides programs of service to meet community library needs

Provides opportunity and encouragement for people of all ages to educate themselves continuously

Provides materials in a variety of formats to stimulate the communication of ideas and enlighten and enrich personal lives.


Long Range objectives:

To meet the needs of the library and the community, and to keep our technology updated.

Short Range objectives:

To get more patrons to use the library.  To get more teens to use the library.

Closing for Holidays:

The Effingham Community Library observes all established Federal holidays.  The Library Director has the discretion to open the library on holidays.  Established Federal Holidays are: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.  In addition, the Library will be closed the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve day, and New Year’s Eve day.  The Library Director has the discretion to have the Library open on any designated holiday.

Library Services Offered:

Regular library books and magazines may be checked out for a period of three [3] weeks.  Books and special materials may be ordered from inter-library loan [ILL] for any patron.  Shelves for the exchange of books will be maintained in a specific area of the Library.  Books on these shelves may be taken and returned or exchanged with other books on the exchange shelves.  There is no limit on the number of books that may be taken from the exchange shelves.

 MIFIs, and DVDs may be checked out for one [1] week. MIFI, and DVDs may also be borrowed from ILL, for any patron.  If a book, DVD, or video game is checked out a patron may ask to have it reserved.  Reserved material will have a note placed on the item with patron’s last name and first initial. Patron has one week to retrieve held item before it is returned to rotation.

If the Library is not open, there is a return box located outside the library for return of materials. Video games, DVDs and MiFis are not to returned in the drop box.

Library Card Registration:

Any person wishing to acquire a Effingham Community Library card will need to show their driver’s license or state issued identification card. If the individual is 17 years of age or under, the parent’s or guardian’s identifying information will also be required.  The individual will also have to provide a current address and valid telephone number.  If a library number is not used for over two [2] years it will be pulled and the number reused.  Patrons who move or change their telephone number should notify the library so the patron’s records can be updated.  Failure to do so could result in loss of library privileges. If ID does not reflect address on application, the library will mail a postcard that must be returned to library to receive card.

Library Cards:

The Effingham Community Library will issue one [1] library card free of cost for each patron number.  If said card is damaged or lost there will be a $1.00 replacement charge for each card.

Lending Library

Who May Borrow:

Any Kansas library and individuals who have a valid Effingham Community Library card may borrow books,  video games, and DVDs from the Library or through Inter-library Loan.                                                  

Exclusions From Loan:

Certain materials designated “To be used only in the library” may not be checked out.

Book Reserve Service:

Books may be reserved upon request.

Borrowing limits on items:

Five [5] video games or DVDs per family, Fifty (50) limit on books per person, three [3] music CDs per person.

Length of Loan Period:

Three [3] weeks for books and magazines

One [1] week for video games, DVD, and MIFI


Books may be renewed for three [3] additional weeks, unless the book has been reserved for check out.

Books return services:

There is a return box outside of the library. There is a book drop on the circulation desk. for the book drop box outside; CDs, DVDs, MiFis are not permitted to drop off due to weather extremes, they will need to returned to inside the library. Any damage from items dropped in book drop will be charged to patron.

Music CD and Movie Video Policy:

It is the policy of this library that no one shall be denied the right to check out a  movie video according to its rating.  Any person who checks out library material will be responsible for any charges for late, lost or damaged items.  The library will NOT be held responsible for the content of any  video checked out of this library.  It will NOT be the responsibility of the library to deem what is appropriate for younger children to watch.  It WILL be the responsibility of the child’s parent/guardian to deem what is appropriate.

Interlibrary Loan [ILL]

ILL – Patron Use:

For a patron to be able to use ILL said patron must have a library card from Effingham Community Library.  Patron will be notified before placing the order if there will be a cost to them.  The library will pay regular shipping cost for ILL’s, if necessary.  Each patron will be allowed no more than five [5] ILL’s at a time.

ILL – Borrowing Library:

ILL items will be treated the same as our own books.  Check out times will be the same unless otherwise specified.  The Library will not ILL books that the library already owns.

ILL – Lending Library:

Library material will be checked out the same as “in” library material.  Leniency will be allowed due to delivery times. Fines are the responsibility of the receiving library.  ILL’s will be held for seven [7] days for pick up.  If not picked up at the end of seven [7] days the item will be sent back to the originating library.

Overdue Materials:

Late notices may be made by annotated phone call, e-mail, text message, verbal contact, or mail.  Ideally, the first notice will be made after one week late, second notice will be made after two weeks late, and third notice will be made after three weeks late.

As of 05/12/2020 Effingham Community Library has become a Fine Free Library with the exception of MiFis.



Item        Days Loaned       Cost of fine per day          Maximum Fine Fee

MiFi                     7 days            $3.00 per day                   $21.00

At the end of 7 days late, mifi will be shut off.  At that point patron will be charged $50.00 for a replacement and cost of fines.

Updated Policy for MiFis 12/10/2019

Charges for Lost or Damaged Materials:

Patrons will make restitution as determined by the Library Director for damages to material[s].  If the patron loses material[s], said patron will be expected to pay cost of the material[s] as set by the Library Director.  If the individual is 17 years of age or younger, the parent or guardian is responsible to make restitution.  If the item is found after restitution has been made, the Board will determine whether partial reimbursement will be assessed.  If six [6] months have passed since restitution was made and the item is returned, there will be no patron reimbursement.

Library Material Replacement Price List

The cost of replacement is the original purchase price of the item, which includes:

Adult, Young Adult and Children’s Hardcover Books

Paperback books

Audio Books





Spring Break:

The Effingham Community Library will try to have at least one [1] program or event during the Atchison County Public School spring break.  The Director will be in charge of planning the program or event.

Summer Reading Program:

The Library will have a summer reading program each year.  The Director is in charge of the summer reading program.  The Library will try to have at least two [2] summer reading events each month of the program.  More may be scheduled as money and time allows.

Use of Meeting Rooms by Non-Profit Groups and Organizations:

The library may be used as a meeting place for small groups by making arrangements in advance.

Non-profit groups and organizations, if they wish, may meet at the library upon approval of the Library Director.  If the meeting is held after Library hours, the group or organization needs to coordinate with the Library Director a week in advance.  A Library employee may be present at meetings.                                                              

Light refreshments, excluding alcoholic beverages, may be served.

Anyone using the library meeting room will be responsible for setting the room up according to their own needs and then restoring the room to the order in which it was found.

The library will not be listed as a sponsor for any non-library meeting.

There must be at least one [1] adult present, other than a library employee, at all functions.


Unattended Children Policy:

It is the policy of the Effingham Community Library that children ten [10] years of age or younger need to be supervised while in the library.  The individual supervising the child ten [10] years of age or younger should be at least thirteen [13] years old.  If a child ten [10] years of age or under is unsupervised in the library said child will be sent home.  If a child shows up without supervision the parents or guardian of said child will be sent a copy of this policy with a note that child is not allowed back into library without proper supervision.

Library Complaints:

Persons wishing to file a complaint about the Effingham Community Library should do so by contacting the Library Director.  If the Director cannot resolve or explain the issue, she/he will then advise the Board of the issue.  If said person wishes to speak to the Board, they may do so by asking to be put on the agenda of the next Board meeting.

Persons wishing to file a complaint about the library director should contact the current library board chair.  If wishing to file a complaint about any other library employee, the individual should contact the Library Director.

Library Material Challenge:

It is the policy of the Effingham Community Library that we will listen to any patron who challenges library material.  Patrons wishing to challenge any material in the library will be required to fill out a “Request For Reconsideration Of Library Resource” form [found in Forms section of this manual] and submit it to the Library Director.  The Director will read the form and review the material.  The material will then be reviewed by at least one [1] Board Member and be discussed at the next Board meeting.  The Board will then hold a discussion about the material, and the patron will be notified of the decision.

If the patron disagrees with the decision, they may choose to address the Board in person.  If they request, the patron will be put on the agenda of the next board meeting, or the patron may ask the Board Chairman to hold a special meeting.  The decision about a special meeting will be left up to the Board Chairman.

Steps for a request for reconsideration of library resource:

Talk with Director and one staff or Board member about policy and freedom statements.

If further review is wanted, fill out form. (Appendix)

Must be filled completely with identification noted.

Discussion and decision made by committee

Patron informed of decision

American Disabilities Act [ADA] Plan:

The Effingham Community Library embraces the primary goal of the American Disabilities Act [ADA] of 1990 to eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities.  The Library’s ADA Plan can be found in Appendix C of this manual.