Trustee/Librarian Policy



Trustee – Librarian and staff relationship:

Trustees are to be honest and straightforward.  All issues and problems should be discussed at the regular monthly meeting.


Professional meetings:

At least one [1] librarian and one [1] trustee will attend the NEKLS spring and fall conferences.  At least one [1] librarian should try to attend the Summer Reading workshop.  Librarians will attend other workshops as the need arises.  A majority of the Board of Trustees shall try to attend the special trustee meeting each summer.


Ethics Policy:

The Effingham Community Library follows the “Code of Ethics of the American Library Association” as found at Appendix G of this manual.


Mileage and Lunches:

Library employees driving to and from NEKLS approved workshops and events will be offered mileage.  Employees and trustees will be reimbursed for meals if they have a receipt.  Meal costs should not exceed $10.00 per person, per meal.  Whenever possible meals should be charged on the library credit card, with a receipt.  Trustees driving personal vehicles may be offered mileage to these workshops and events.  Mileage will be the same guidelines that NEKLS uses.  Employees will be offered mileage for going to other library-oriented places, such as going to bookstores or getting supplies for the library.  



Reimbursements by the library must have a receipt and description of the item that is being reimbursed.  If no receipt is available, there will be no reimbursement.




Chairman:     term – 4/10-   4/14 [1st]

Vice Chairman:     term – 4/07 – 4/11 [1st]

Treasurer:     term – 4/09– 4/13 [2nd]

Secretary:    term – 4/07 – 4/11 [2nd]

System Rep:     term – 4/08 – 4/12 [2nd]

Board Member:     term – 4/08 – 4/12 [1st]   

Board Member:     term – 4/09 – 4/13 (filling vacant seat)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   




The Board consists of seven [7] members.  At least four [4] members from within the city limits of Effingham and three [3] members can be from rural Effingham area.  


Board members are allowed to serve two [2] consecutive terms each.  A term consists of four [4] years.  Exception to this rule will be if a Board member resigns before his/her term is up a new Board member will be appointed to take his/her place and finish their term.  Once a new Board member has completed the unfinished term, they can then be appointed to two [2] consecutive terms.  A Board member who has served two [2] terms may be appointed to the Board again after having been off the Board for a period of one [1] year.


Board members shall attend monthly Board meetings.  Board members who miss more than two [2] consecutive meetings may be replaced by a majority vote from the rest of the Board.  Exceptions may be that said Board member is ill, a family member has passed away or is seriously ill, or a family event will take him/her out of town.


A majority of the Board shall try to attend the Trustee meeting held by NEKLS every summer.  At least one Board member will attend the Spring Assembly and Fall Conference.  [This will usually be the System Representative.]  If the System Representative is unable to attend the Spring Assembly, the Board Chairman will attend and vote in his/her place.

Each Board member will be expected to review and discuss the yearly budget, employee salaries, and the monthly budget.  Trustees should review all forms and paperwork handed out at the monthly meeting.  Each Trustee should have a copy of the Effingham Community Library Policy manual.  This may be taken home or kept at the library.  Said policy manual should be revisited at least once a year to see if any changes need to be made.


Board Member Fringe Benefits:

Board members will be allowed a few fringe benefits provided by the library.  Fringe benefits for Board members apply to Board members only.  Board members will be allowed to print, copy or fax at no cost.  They will also have late fees excused.


Board Member Trustee Certification:

Members of the Effingham Community Library Board of Trustees will obtain Trustee certification.  Certification training may be obtained by completing trustee training workshops, WebJunction internet training, and other approved Trustee training sessions.  Trustee certification will be obtained within 18 months of Board appointment.


Library Keys:

The Library Board Chairman shall have a key in case of emergencies.  Other members of the library board shall not possess their own library key.